Mike Mongo

Chief Brand and Culture Officer

Mike Mongo is the author of HUMANNAIRES! Mike Mongo‘s Astronaut Instruction Manual for Pre-Teens, co-founder of Computers for Jamaica, and is a noted space blogger. He has been an active educational proponent of STEM, as well as a dedicated proponent of astronautics-as-a-career for students in the US and abroad. As a public speaker and space educator, Mr Mongo works to encourage primary, middle-school and high school students to pursue careers in astronautics and space-related fields.

Mr. Mongo’s professional background has been in brands and messaging. One of of the co-founders of OBEY, Mr Mongo worked alongside Shepard Fairey (along with Alfred Hawkins and Blais Blouin) for over a decade to engineer the OBEY messaging campaign. Mr Mongo is owner/partner of Miami-based web development firm Wodu Media.

Mr Mongo was a Presenting Author at the 2012 100 Year Starship, 2013 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop and was the Chief Creative Designer for Starship Congress 2013. Most recently, Mr Mongo is co-developing Icarus Interstellar’s FarMaker program with Dr Andreas Tziolas and videogame professional Luke Blaize. Mike Mongo lives with his wife Leonie in Key West, FL.