Marsal Gifra

Business Pioneer

Marsal Gifra, entrepreneur and MBA, is a business pioneer who has cultivated a unique expertise in founding and growing several innovative business ventures. Notable among these ventures are: Terra Networks (1998), the world’s largest spanish-language internet portal acquired by the telecom giant Telefonica; Latinia (2000), a pioneer company in providing the first interactive SMS-based services; Galactic Suite (2007); a first mover company in the emerging industry of space tourism. Currently he is involved in forming new business ventures in the fields of media and communication, renewable energy, and space exploration where he is founding director of the Homo Spaciens Foundation and the Global Starship Alliance. He combines his professional activities with educational duties, serving as Professor at the IQS School of Management (2012), lecturing on international business and marketing. He has spoken to several business groups and associations, frequently as keynote speaker, and also as guest lecturer at leading business schools such as ESADE. He graduated in business administration at the Ramon Llull University (1996), and has completed space studies at the International Space University (2003).