Luke Blaize


Luke Blaize is a video game professional with experience in both Triple A and indie game development. After working for Volition Inc as an Assistant Writer on Saints Row: The Third, he joined Zenimax Online Studios where he continues to contribute to The Elder Scrolls Online as a Lead Quality Assurance Analyst.

A former educator, Luke is convinced that emerging forms of media—particularly interactive media such as video games—are an underutilized resource with the potential to significantly ease public access to and the understanding of even complex and intricate aspects of science and technology. In 2011, Luke presented a paper on the same subject at 100 Year Starship Symposium in Orlando, FL, in which he argued that the starship project could particularly benefit by working with independent game developers to promote and inform the public about the ideas, challenges, and benefits of a starship project. As a result of that presentation, Luke was invited to join Icarus Interstellar as a member of the Icarus Gaming Research Committee.
Today, as a founding partner of the Icarus Interstellar subsidiaries FarMaker and B.A.S.S., Luke Blaize continues to pursue avenues of cooperation between Icarus Interstellar and independent media creators across many disciplines.
He lives in Sparks, Maryland with his wife Cambria, a Visual Effects Artist also employed by Zenimax Online Studios, and is the devoted servant of two cats.