Jerry Winchester

Funding Committee Member

Jerry is currently the President and CEO of two companies, Variance Dynamical Corporation and Winchester Alaska, Inc. Architects. Jerry has a Bachelor of Architectural degree, University of Idaho, 1975 and extensive graduate work in Business and Accounting along with advanced Engineering studies at University of Alaska. He completed Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Advanced Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With a substantive math and physics background including study in Mechanical Engineering he began additional study and work with Paul Goodwin, PhD in Physics. Jerry has a long history of study in the area of neurology and physics over a 25 year history of involvement which led Variance to the current theories, technology, and full proto-types in analog circuits that provide nearly instantaneous Fourier Analysis of any signal without software. These devices are inherently radiation hard and are applicable to space exploration as sensors, spectrometers and data processing units. Future applications pose this technology as stepping stones to efficient neural networks and machine intelligence systems.