Adam Crowl

Board Member, Icarus Core Designer, Module Leader of Primary Propulsion

Adam was born in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia in 1970. His first memory of TV is watching the BBC documentary on the “Viking” landings and (black & white) episodes of “Space 1999”. At age 9 he learnt of a star-probe named “Daedalus”, and was given a little book, “Road to the Stars” by Iain Nicholson. A teenage dream career in space-probe design suffered a few hiccups along the way – the “Challenger” disaster, going to University hoping to do Physics, but finishing a B.Sc in Psychology. Since then Adam has retaught himself mathematics & physics, web-published polemics against Creationism, written an essay on SETI for the late Chris Boyce, and semi-completed an Engineering/Computing degree. Currently he is writing on a broad variety of interstellar & SETI topics while changing day-jobs. Adam is on the board of Directors for Icarus Interstellar.