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Join the students before you who all aspire to advance the human race into a space faring species. Do this for the never ending pursuit of knowledge and for our survival.

Your importance in this endeavor cannot be over stated.

Now is the time,

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Student Chapters

Icarus interstellar is dedicated to achieving interstellar flight.  Hundreds of scientists, engineers, artists, and others are dedicating their time to the cause.  However, it is not enough.  A new generation is needed. One that understands the importance of the cause and will be able to consider it in the contributions that each individual makes in her/his life.  Student chapters pave the way for this new generation of interstellar aspirants.

To date, collegiate chapters of Icarus Interstellar have performed some pretty amazing feats. This wide range of achievements include writing theoretical design reports on fusion powered spacecraft, creating experimental electric propulsion engines, debating over the true definition of a starship, and imagining unique space-time geometries to name a few.  But, it is not all hard work and no play.  Students have been on field trips across the United States together, laughed and smiled while watching epic science fiction films, and argued over the finer points of  whether or not a single integer truly defines life and the universe.

Some students of Drexel University's Chapter

Benefits of Chapters

1. Build an international network of esteemed scientists and humanitarians 

2. Be recognized as contributing to the advancement of interstellar engineering

3. Attend the premiere interstellar conference, Starship Congress

4. Obtain your own webspace on