Icarus Project Status

Below illustrates the stages of the Icarus project divided into 10 phases. The status of each phase will be indicated by the color of the phase number via the following colouring legend:

Green – On schedule
Red – Behind Schedule
Amber – Ahead of Schedule

For example “Phase 1” would be on schedule because it is coloured green.

The status of the project will be updated giving anyone visiting our site an indication of the progress of Project Icarus which will span the next 5 years.

Phase 1
Description: Team assembly & definition of terms of reference, by end of 2009.
Deliverable: Internal publication of Physics Requirements Document & team assembly.

Phase 2
Description: Construction of work programme, up to spring 2010.
Deliverable: Internal publication of Project Programme Document & allocation of work programme, Stage Gate 1.

Phase 3
Description: Work programme conceptual design, by spring 2011.
Deliverable: External publication of concept design options, Stage Gate 2.

Phase 4
Description: Work programme preliminary design, by end of 2011.
Deliverable: Internal publication of preliminary design options.

Phase 5
Description: Preliminary design review, by early 2012.
Deliverable: Pass preliminary design review & complete actions as appropriate, Stage Gate 3.

Phase 6
Description: Work programme, down select to detailed design options, by end of 2012.
Deliverable: Down select to Baseline Model & internal publication of System Requirements Document.

Phase 7
Description: Work programme, system integration, by summer 2013.
Deliverable: Produce Integrated Baseline Model & internal publication of Sub-System Requirements Document.

Phase 8
Description: Detailed design review, by end of summer 2013.
Deliverable: Pass detailed design review and complete actions as appropriate, Stage Gate 4.

Phase 9

Description: Certification of theoretical design solution, by end of 2013.
Deliverable: Internal publication of Icarus Certification Document, Stage Gate 5.

Phase 10
Description: Publication of final design solution, submit to JBIS early 2014.
Deliverable: Publication of executive summary reports represents the key deliverable for Project Icarus.

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