Icarus Celebrates the Heroes of 2015

Celebrating the Heroes of Interstellar Exploration in 2015

As we find ourselves scrambling for time to finish our gift shopping, to spend time with our families and to go watch Star Wars :), we would like to take a moment to celebrate those who have made a true impact on our quest for answers to the great challenge of Interstellar Exploration.While there are many who have tirelessly devoted themselves to research and inquisition of the Interstellar Question, there are FOUR who stood out. In this newsletter, we would like to thank them by recognizing their achievements:

Chris Wimer

Chris Wimer writing Charter Memberships

Chris Wimer brought an incredibly insightful presentation to Starship Congress 2013 on spurring interest in Interstellar Research through meaningful community participation. He was the mastermind behind the incredibly successful Charter Membership Program, which brought 150 devoted members to Icarus during our 2015 Kickstarter. We honors us as Director Membership Program Director at Icarus Interstellar, where he is poised to put plans into effect.

Mike Mongo

Mike Mongo with a Future Astronaut

Mike Mongo is an endearing master communicator and dedicated educator of young space fairers. He frequently travels to JamaicaSEDS' SpaceVIsion and ISDC, motivating and enlightening all in his path to realize their dreams of living and working in space. His book, The Astronaut's Instruction Manual for Preteens is #1 Best Seller on Amazon currently sold out (but you can get one here) and that is just the beginning

Zach Fejes

Zach with some of the Voyager Team

Zach Fejes walked up and introduced himself to us at Starship Congress 2013 as a prospective student designer. In 2014 he started Project Voyager, where he and his team in Toronto created a completely in-house astronavigation platform. In 2015 he was keynote speaker at SC15: Interstellar Hackathon and is now spinning off Voyager as a commercial, educational offering. Zach is a testament to commitment, hard work and is just an all round really great guy!

Damien Turchi

Turchi presenting at Starship Congress 2015

Damien Turchi is the founder of Icarus' first student Chapter, located at Drexel University in Philadelphia. His chapter tracked our in-house research and with his student members spun off the Project Zeus Starship, which was submitted at the Project Icarus 2014 design competition, which was also delivered at Starship Congress 2015 held at Drexel, with a riveting call to arms to all students to become engaged in deep space research. It was his chapter's dedication to the Interstellar Arts which brought Starship Congress to Drexel University.


As this year comes to a close, we can all but hope that 2016 will bring forth heroes such as these. Each one laying down a stepping stone towards the stars, with the promise of a better Earth with more compassion and understanding of our place in the Universe.

Happy New Year everyone, 


Andreas Tziolas
President, Icarus Interstellar